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The Adventures Of The Griswalds

Maxine, Andrea, Christie, and Pat.
Max, Matt, Andrea, Christie, Tim, Pat, and Nev.
Iron Chef Morimoto, with Andrea, Christie, Matt, Tim, and Keith.
Tim, Matt, Christie, Andrea, and Keith, on Waikiki Beach.
Tim, Christie, and Matt, after finishing shopping at Ala Moana.
Tim, Andrea, and Christie, on the Beach Walk in Honolulu.
Christie, Matt, Keith, Andrea, and Tim, at Polihua Beach.
The pool at the Four Seasons.
Hulopoe Bay beach.
Keo Keo is one of the birds that live at the Four Seasons as part of the bird rescue program.
Having dinner at Cafe Vue at Melbourne airport.
Andrea and Keith.
Andrea, Kaz, and Keith.
Pat, Eva, Matt, Andrea, Neville, and Maxine, all anxiously anticipating a slice of cake!
Keith and his helper, ready to cut the cake.
Enjoying Chinese take-away!
Enjoying brunch!
Easter Sunday lunch.
Tim at Phillip Island.
Keith, Christie, and Andrea.
Keith, Chrsitie, Andea, Matt, and Tim.
Dishing up dessert.
The Christmas table.
The graduation ceremonies were held at the Royal Exhibition Building.
John, Pauline, Nev, Max, and Pat.
Mick Jagger.
Afternoon snack (while working in the hotel room!).
Andrea, about to enjoy another night of room service spaghetti!